Many lenders use the services of Mortgage Brokers to perform what is known as the "origination" of the loan, to meet with and pre-qualify the borrower, verify the credit and property aspects of the loan, and then provide it to them for funding. For performing this function, the lenders give the mortgage broker a WHOLESALE COST, a cost that allows your Mortgage Broker to always be competitive with those lenders that utilize their own staff to perform the function of the Mortgage Broker. IT NORMALLY DOES NOT COST MORE TO USE OUR SERVICES.


Your Mortgage Broker knows that the financing they provide has a third ingredient beyond rate and fees, timely performance. The Mortgage Broker has an intense desire to honor its commitment to provide financing requested in a timely manner, for to do so gives it the lifeblood of their industry, loan referrals from satisfied brokers and borrowers.


If you were to apply for a loan from a lender directly, the lender would do what lenders always do, make you fit their program. Your Mortgage Broker receives rate quotes daily from wholesale lenders, both local and out of the area, with hundreds of different programs and loan approval criteria. Your Mortgage Broker then finds the program to meet the needs of the Borrower.


The world of mortgage finance is a world of constant change. Your local Mortgage Broker is dedicated to keeping up with this change to provide the maximum professional service to their clients. This dedication is based on the belief that the professionalism is only achieved by having the correct blend of product knowledge, and an intense commitment to customer satisfaction.

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