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Real Estate Investment, Co. is a most unique company. We provide money to investors and rehabbers of residential real estate generally on a loan/joint venture basis. We lend qualified investors up to ALL of the funds necessary to purchase a property, rehabilitate it, pay settlement costs and cover carrying charges.

With over five decades of experience Real Estate Investment, Co. and affiliates have made thousands of mutually profitable investments.

If you think you have opportunities and need financing, please contact our corporate office for more information.

About Caruso Mortgage Company, Inc.
Subsidiary of Real Estate Investment, Co.

Caruso is a mortgage company. The company obtains money for investors and rehabbers of real estate generally on a loan or joint venture basis.

The company provides the investor up to the full amount (100%) of the funds required to purchase a property, rehabilitate it, pay the settlement costs and cover the carrying charges. The investor fixes and rents it, or sells it.

If the property is a rental unit, within a year, a new mortgage is obtained and the initial loan is repaid. In addition, Caruso and the borrower each will take their share of any cash resulting from the refinance and the net monthly rentals as well as the equity in the property.

If a joint venture exists and the property is sold, Caruso and the borrower divide the net profit.

The borrower usually locates the property to be bought. The property must be purchased at a wholesale price. The improvements should generally raise the value to an amount 30-40% higher than the total cost of the project.

The buyer is responsible for supplying the initial budget for the project, which includes contractor’s itemized estimates, projected time schedules and other lender requirements until sale or rental. The buyer must also work with potential renters, contractors, buyers or brokers in the rental, refinance and/or sales efforts.

Caruso Mortgage Company and its affiliated law firm (Banks & Banks) can assist with purchase, sales and rental agreements, financing refinancing and trouble shooting. R.E.I.C. is the parent company of Caruso and is the company which loans the money to the borrower. It’s investment operations are relatively free of regulations as it only lends to business people, not ultimate consumers or occupants.

The company also has done business with general contractors, subcontractors and real estate and mortgage brokers it can often call on if needed to aid the buyer.

While the company has made over 600 investments and is finishing its fifteenth successful year since incorporation, its current principals have engaged in this business for over five decades and the Banks family for over 75 years, literally having been involved in over thousands of such ventures.

The company's general trading area currently ranges from Middle Delaware through Eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Florida.

The company knows of no competitor that supplies exactly what it does. Parke Bank, Continental Bank, Univest Bank, Citizens Bank and several other banks have made available millions of dollars to the company. The funds are used exclusively to make new investments.

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